Jul 10, 2012

Sheri's Baby Quilt

Summer is full swing around here and we are soaking up every moment of it around here. Evenings sitting on the deck and weekends camping means lots of photos but little scrapbooking lately. That and laptop has been on the fritz lately ... argggg!

A dear friend of my husband from high school is about to have a sweet baby girl so I put my newly honed quilting skills to use and created this sweet pinwheel quilt for her.

A pinwheel quilt typically has buttons sewn in the center but I thought that might not be too smart for a baby quilt so I left them out.  I think it turned out pretty cute which is a good thing see as I hugely over estimated my fabric requirements and now I am left with enough to do two more quilts!


Beth Hallgren said...

What a beautiful quilt and an awesome gift :)

DanaMK said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Well done!