Jun 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well the weather this weekend was the pits so I decided I would do some spring cleaning in my scrapbook room. I needed a change of scenary so I reorganized all my cubies into a new configuration that gives me more surface to store things on top of, giving me more room on my desk. I love how it turned out!

I also recently did some reorganization of the some things that were driving me nuts.

  1. I bought a clip it up system to hang my favorite go to items that I use often.
  2. I decorated some boxes to put my titles I bought and my scraps which I cut to photo mat size in. The photo mat idea is an awesome way to use scraps. Whenever I have leftover paper scraps from a project I cut it into one of two size (4X6 or 4.5X6.5) which I can use on cards or another layout. It's an awesome idea and I find I am using more of my scraps now.
  3. A Huge glass that I throw all my loose out of package embelishments in.


Jamey & Catherine said...

Envy! Jealousy! Green! I wish my room (what room?) Looked half as organized and put together as yours. Oh I wish! It looks great! I like it even better than the other way you had it set up.

Celina's Life said...

Great ideas. I love how you organized the cubes!