Mar 14, 2011

Bride 2B

The photo totally inspired this layout. It's of my sister-in-law, the day before she got married standing line at a bank in Havana. Doesn't she look so happy? Originally I was going to make the title "Bride To Be" but it didn't fit right in the space I wanted. Then it downed on me, using texting lingo instead so that is where the 2B came from! The white flower is made from a piece of fabric and is really easy to make.  Here's where I learnt how to make them.  Now the product they are using, Glubers, wasn't available so I improvised by covering a chipboard punched circle in adhesive and it seemed to do the job pretty good.  I then stuck some pins in the middle of the flower and I was done.  It looks so pretty!

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