Mar 15, 2011


The nicest thing about travelling in a large group is that there ends up being more photos of me because there is always someone else there taking pictures too! It's so nice. I guess that just means that I need to hand off my camera more often when it's just me and Steve!

I love the film strip ribbon from Tim Holtz! It's so cool and works great on so many different layouts. I got the bright idea that I wanted the film strip to be rolled up on one end but it didn't want to cooperate for me. Because the ribbon is plastic it didn't want to stay put with out me holding it in place while the adhesive dried. So even thought it didn't quite work out the way I want (I had to cave and use a brad to hold the end of it) I still really like the look.

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DanaMK said...

That is fun! You can hardly even tell there's a brad there. Question, how do you fit that into a page protector? Doesn't it squish the plastic ribbon?