Feb 25, 2011

Pina Coladas

You are never going to guess where the inspiration for this layout came from. I was helping my husband do some research for his master's essay, which as basically browsing a bunch of websites, when I came across this website that inspired me. I wish I could remember which one it was but unfortunately I can't. So I am going to have to explain it for you. Basically, I took the website design and converted it to a sketch that I used for this layout. The green brads on the top right were where the website's navigation buttons were, the Pina Coladas title is where the website's title was, the Oh So Yummy title is where the product's title was, the photo on the left was the main product's photo, the photo on the right was a detailed photo of the product, and the journalling was the website's description of the product. Of course there was a bunch of other things on the website that I ignored but I think you'll get the picture! So next time you are stumped for an idea take a look at how some of your websites are laid out or even a magazine article you really like. You never know where you'll find inspiration!

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