Mar 1, 2011

I Think We Just Got Married

So this layout has quite a funny story. While we were on our Jeep tour in Cuba, we stopped for this river boat tour. After the tour, we were greeted by some local natives who performed a customary dance for us. Some how Steve and I got pulled into dance. It was a lot of fun and at the end of it we got "marked" by the Shaman with green paint on our cheeks. Steve and I were joking that we thought that maybe we had been married off to a local but couldn't tell for sure seeing as we didn't understand a word being said!

I'm starting to really get into Kraft paper lately.  For the longest time, I really disliked it and I mean really!  The last time I was in the states I bought a pack of Kraft paper because it was unbelievably cheap and I figured I could figure out one way to use it.  Boy am I ever glad I did.  What do you think of my painting ability, my un-uniform and un-evenly spaced white dots?  I know not that great but I wanted to mimic the body paint all the dancers were wearing and I decided to embrace the imperfection!

I completed this layout at a crop this past weekend and I just wanted to send out a thank you to Kim because without her help in the letter department, my title would not have come together so nicely.  She talked me into the pink letters which I was hesistant about but now that it is all done I really like it!

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