Apr 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Part 1

I thought for a change I would give you a little peek behind the curtain to see my process of scrapbooking. I am always curious on how people do it so I thought maybe I would do a post on it which might encourage some others to give a peek too! If you do (or have) leave a link in the comments, I would love to see it!

So I scrapbook in two stages and today's post is all about my first stage. So grab your coffee and sit back as I lead you through the twists and turns of the crazy creative process!

I tend to print my photos in batches when there is a sale on. This time around, I printed all of my Jamaica 2011 photos along with picture for three weddings (I am doing albums for two of the couples) and some ones I have had floating around from last year. So when I get home I have hoards of sorting to do. Normally I plop myself on the couch and sort each photo into piles that will eventually end up on layouts.

 I will then start looking through each group trying to decide what I want to do with the layout. Sometimes I am inspired and this comes easily, other times I go to sketches to help me out. If I am decided on a sketch, I will normally crop my photos at this time.

Next I start flipping through my hoards of paper to find paper to use for each layout. I usually have an idea of what kinds of paper I am looking for and that will usually pair down the amount of paper I have to go through. I try to find at least three to four sheets of paper that go together and match my photos that way I have some leeway when I actually sit down to scrap! I usually take this opportunity to look at what's in my odds and ends box (mostly strips of patterned paper) for stuff I can use.

Once I have all this figured out, I will clip it all together with a bull dog clip and put it in my to be scrapped bin.

The best part is in about the time it took to watch a movie (about 2 hours), I planned about 12 two page layouts! 

I am now ready for whatever comes my way ... a crop, a trip to a friends house, or a 1 am creative, I can't sleep surge. I find it motivates me to scrap more because most of the hard stuff is done and all that is left do is assemble and play!


Ladyofthelake318 said...

Way more organized than I! I'm getting ready for a crop later this month, so I should do this!

DanaMK said...

What a neat way to get organized! I always print out a whack of pics too and I try to choose my papers with sets of pics too. Then I put them into a folder I have and then they're ready to go for when I want to scrap.