Mar 30, 2012

Gator Tour

I love the papers I chose for this layout! The blue wood grain looks like swirling water and the green polka dots could pass as crocodile skin.  It's almost like I planned it that way.  To be honest I didn't really.  I picked the blue wood grain because it looked like water but the green polka dot was pure coincidence.  I love it when that happens!

To add some fun to my layout I went a little bananas with buttons!  Aren't they fun looking?  Oh and that Yo-Yo flower was what I built this whole layout around!  It was just so cute, I couldn't resist it!

So, as a treat, and it something I haven't done in a long time, I created a small tutorial on how to create a Yo-Yo flower. They are so easy to do and before you know it you will be making them to go on everything. Think layouts, cards, hairbands and pins, broaches, on picture frames ... the possibilities are endless!

So without further ado, here's what you will need.  A piece of fabric (mine was 5.5" square), some embroidery thread (I found the thickness stood up better than regular thread), a needle, scissors, and buttons.  Take your fabric and fold it in half and then in half again.  Now fold it in half one last time.  It will look like a triangle.  Now holding the folded tip you want to round off the other end (in my pictures below you can see I am cutting off all the zig zag ends).  This should give you something that closely resembles a circle.  If it's not perfect, don't worry.  Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end with about two inches of excess after the knot.  You will need this length at the end.  Now stitch all the way around your circle.  try to keep all you stitches as even as possible and about a quarter inch in size and about an eighth of an inch from the edge.  Do not knot the end when you are done.  Now grab the two inch end from beginning and your end of the thread that still has the needle on it and hold them together between your thumb and forefinger.  Pull both pieces of thread bunching up the material as you go.  Once you get it as tight as you can you should have something that resembles the Yo-Yo flower. Tie your two ends in a secure knot.  Take the two inch end from the beginning and thread it up through the bottom of your button and take the needled end and thread it up the other hole of the button.  Using the needle end loop through the button and flower and couple of times securing the button the the flower.  When you are comfortable with it's stability (I did about three to four stitches), take your needle off of the thread and tie it in a bow with the two inch end from the beginning.  I have included some photos that should help all you visual learners out there!

I apologize but the one below does not have a bow on the top I just tied it underneath the flower but you a bow on the ones pictured before the instructions. And there you have it!  Sure hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

Supplies: Patterned Paper: My Minds Eye - Lime Twist Collection; Cardstock: Bazzills; Alphabet Stickers: Scenic Route - Alphas and Fancy Pants - Alphas; Embellishments: Buttons, Brads, Embroidery Thread, Journalling Card, and Fabric; Sketch: Sketches for Scrapbooking.


Jojorenee said...

This is really nice I love the buttons splashes all about!

Ashley Horton said...

I love the way you did the photos on this Jennifer and that cool, lime green border across your page really adds a pop! Love the buttons and the flower embellishments you created!!

DanaMK said...

How very cool! I love, love, love those flowers!