Jul 20, 2011

Some People Read, I Sketch

Some people like to read in their spare time (when they're not scrapping of course!). I have never been a big reader. Don't get me wrong I like to read but I don't usually have the time to sit still long enough to read a chapter let alone a whole book. And by the time I pick it up again, I have forgotten everything I had read up to that point. It's very frustrating! I have been reading the same book for the last year and I think I have decided to give up on it as it is obviously not interesting enough for me to want to read. So what do I do in my spare time you ask? It's simple really. I sketch. I'm not saying all ideas are originally mine or that there is anything incredible in here but I like to get them down none the less. I find it relaxing, plus it is totally portable too! I have done them at work on my lunch break, sitting at the service department waiting for my car, even out camping when we have a quiet moment.

I have broken my sketches into two types, 1 pagers and 2 pagers and each have their own book.  In fact I am onto my second 1 pager book as my first one is now full! I love this because when I am looking for inspiration I generally know if I am doing a 1 or 2 pager.

For those of you that know me, this part won't come as a surprise but I am a little bit particular (read anal) when I come to my sketches! I draw my sketch out in pencil first and then once I get it the way I like, I go over it with a pen and ruler (no crocked lines in these books!). I also love that they are coiled notebook (which I bought at Chapters) so that they flat on my desk when I am working.

And here they are on my shelf behind my desk with all my issues of Creating Keepsakes. It's like my little inspiration corner.


Beth Hallgren said...

AMAZING! They look like they are from a magazine.

Steffanie said...

That is one amazing sketch---so pretty! I love your "particularness"....a lot like me!