Mar 10, 2011

Hanging with Marina

I was really digging the aqua hues of the water in these photos so I decided to go with a mono-chromatic look on this layout. I love how it turned out but I must admit, I had to add a little colour in the title area ... I guess I couldn't 100% commit to the mono-chromatic.

In order to make my waves have a little dimension, I decided to add flock to the crests making it look more like crashing waves.  I've had flock for years but never really used it. I think the reason was I didn't have the correct glue. I recently got some PVA glue to use with some Flower Soft (as it is what the manufacturer recommends) and when I read the instructions it said it could be used with flock and glitter so I figured I would give it try. I must admit; I love how it turned out and it feels so neat!

1 comment:

DanaMK said...

This looks great - love the monochromatic look. And the waves are awesome! You know, I didn't even know what flock was until a few months ago. *blush* And I think the splash of colour is perfect.