Nov 16, 2010


I will admit before I start that this was a difficult card with a lot of steps.  I'm not sure if I would do another one or not but I do love the look of it when it was done.  So I bet you are wondering how I did this.  First thing you do is create the background scene.  Cut the farthest layer (in my case the blue with the light swirl pattern) and to the size of your card.  Next, layer on the scene you want, making sure to adhere all of the layers really well as you do not want your loose (inside the pocket shaker part) items to get stuck behind them.  Once you have the scene you want, take an old bubble pack from something you purchase, I think mine came from a pack of buttons or chipboard.  Cur around the bubble part making sure you leave about a 1/4" of trim so that you have somewhere to put your glue.  Next you need to find the loose items you want to put inside the shaker part.  I used snow flakes but you could use buttons, glitter, beads, jewels, etc.  Play around with the shaker pieces and the bubble to see if you have the right amount.  Once you do pile all the shaker pieces on top, in the center, of the background you built.  Now take a good adhesive, I used Glossy Accents, and cover the lip of the bubble that will make contact with your background.  Make sure there is glue all the way around or some of your shaker items may fall out, but be careful not to apply to much or it will ooze everywhere.  Now you need to let this sit and dry (about 1/2 hr) and do not shake it until then or your shaker pieces could get stuck in some over flow adhesive. Now the tricky part, my pink piece.  You need to cut what I call a hider piece.  This hider piece will cover up all the adhesive and bubble lip of your shaker.  Now I advise not cutting the paper to the size of the card just yet.  First cut out the window to fit around your bubble piece and then when in place trim off the excess, other wise, if your window is not in the right place the hider piece won' fit the card properly.  Trust me I know!  Once I got my hider piece on, I added a piece of ribbon, a sentiment and a brad to finish it off.  Oh and of course my cute little polar bear on the front of the shaker box.

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