Jun 18, 2010


I love where I work. Why you ask? Because even though we are serious about what we do, we still find the time to have a good time. I'll admit I'm a prankster and have partook in several practical jokes around the office. The one practical joke in this layout, I was not part of, I was the victim! After I returned home from Thailand, I came back to work to an office that had been covered in spray paint. My office had been graffitied! They definitely got me on this one but don't worry, I'm planning my sweet revenge!

Are you like me? Do everything on your layout except you journalling? I normally let my projects pile up until the pile is about to fall over, then I go to my computer and type up the journalling for all of them at once. It works for the most part as I am not a huge fan of my handwriting and using the computer gives you so many options for font , colour, sizing, etc. But last night I was getting frustrate with all the layouts I have done on my desk that are not completed. So I bit the bullet and I just hand wrote my journalling and I must admit that even though I still don't like my handwriting, I like that they are done.

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