Oct 1, 2009

An Ingenius Idea

As I stated yesterday, I have the daunting task of sorting through the hundreds of photos I took while overseas. Well, I was talking about this with the owner of my local scrapbook store and she recommended this great product that makes scrapbooking a lot of photos easy and fun. Unfortunately, she doesn't carry it so off to Goggle I went and guess what I found it! I ordered it immediately and I can't wait for it to be delivered! This is what I bought (on top of a couple more items that shall remain nameless), it's a 6 Up - 4x6 Inch Photo Sleeve.

You can fill each pocket with a photo and then maybe leave 1 or 2 empty. Then in those empty spots you can cut a piece of cardstock to 4x6 and write your journaling on it and embellish it anyway you like, just like this example I got from Becky Higgins' blog. It will be way more economical than doing a layout for each photo. Just think about it 10-12 pictures per 2 page spread ... that's pretty awesome. I am still planning on creating reqular layouts that will be intermixed with these 6 Up pages. i think it will turn out really cool. Once I get the package delivered you can bet it won't be long before I am doing a post showing you just how cool it is :)

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Jamey & Catherine said...

Wow, that is a really cool idea. I wish I'd known about that before I started my Kazakhstan book for Oksana. If you get them before we all go to Bashaw bring one so I can see it kay. :) I usually put about 3-4 picsture on a page anyway but that way would just be more organized and more of the photos and not cropping important things out. Hmmm...you always have good ideas. Maybe you don't know about this one yet...I found, just yesterday, at the scrapbook store here a page of rub on stuff. You write what you want or stencil and it comes off on the page. I plan to use it with the Russian stencil I bought so that I can have some russian sayings in her book too. For a sheet thats about 6"- 12" it was $2.95. I am trying to get Oksanas book closer to completion before I begin with the other books. Now I have her one year book from the whole last year in Canada and her "baby book" and the babys, baby book too. I will never complain that I don't have anything to scrapbook again. Honest!
Can't wait to see you!