Feb 26, 2009


It's hard to believe but yes some things in life are free. I got a new laptop this year and when I switched from my old one to my new one I lost all my nifty fonts I had collected over the years that I use when typing up my journalling. Well guess what, I found website that has over 280 different fonts that are completely free and available for donwload. You don't even have to create a login account to get them. How awesome is that?!


So needless to say I have spent the last several days downloading almost every one and I am in the midst of slowly installing them on my laptop. If you have never done this before it is pretty easy.

1. Download the WIN verson of the font and save it some where you will remember
2. Find the folder you downloaded and double click it to open it
3. The file will open in a zip program, extract the files. You should now see them in the same spot as where you downloaded the zip file to.
4. Copy the font file. This will be the file that ends with .tff. You do not need any other files.
5. Go to C:\Windows\Fonts and paste the file there
6. Once the copying is done, you are done installing that font.

See wasn't that easy? Now you will have access to that font in almost every program you have on you computer (ie: Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop)

Happy Journalling!


Jamey & Catherine said...

Hey Jen! I wanted to let you know about some rub on paper I found. Its by a company called Grafix and the prouduct is called RUB-ONZ (Create your own Rub On trasfers) In the package I bought its got 4 sheets of 8.5 / 11" sheets and they are perfect for rub on journaling. It works with Drawing, Rubber stamps, ink jet or Laser printers. Their website on the package is www.grafixarts.com You probably know all this already but in case you didn't heres a head up! Hope we can see you soon!!!

Jennifer said...

What a cool idea Catherine! I had never heard of Grafix before. Thanks for letting me know. Have you tried the Rub-Ons yet? Do they work like they say they do? The Transparencies are incredibly cheap there; I think I pay what they charge for a 100pk for a 20pk here. That's awesome!