Dec 9, 2008

Now It Looks Like Christmas

Our outdoor lights were up a month ago and our Christmas tree has been up for 2 weeks but for some reason it didn't quite feel like Christmas. That is until Sunday when a winter storm hit Calgary and blanketed the whole city in 4 inches of snow. I love the look of it, so much so that I had to take a picture of the house all lite up under the snow.

I sure hope a lot of the snow sticks around for Christmas this year, even though I won't be here for it. I am getting tired of brown Christmases. Dang Chinooks!

Any suggestions for a layout with this picture for my scrapbook? I can't decide on whether to go Christmas theme or Winter Snow theme.


The layout is now done and I decided to go more with a muted Christmas theme that still emphasizes the winter idea with cool greens. Thanks Catherine for pointing me in the direction of green. I also included an upclose photo of my embellishments. I love how this turned out with the Tulle and the Stitching.

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Jamey & Catherine said...

Hey Jen! I love the picture especially with the snow falling still. I think you should do a Christmas page but use lots of different shades of green as opposed to any reds. I think it will make your house lights stand out. Maybe some brown type of border right under the pics. I don't know...thats why your books always look better than mine. We have lots of snow here too so you won't miss out on that. Bring your snowpants too b/c Oksanas new fav is sledding and I think Santa might get her one for Christmas! I never get a chance to scan anything that I've done recently mostly because I haven't scrapbooked recently...:( Oh well. Great post!