Dec 2, 2008

American Buys

We just got back from a couple of days of shopping in Great Falls Montana and boy did I ever come home with a stash of scrapbook supplies. Some things in the states are cheaper when it comes to scrapbook supplies but for the most part, I enjoy the different kinds of lines available. I am a big fan of Me & My Big Ideas, Basic Grey, Heidi Swapp, My Mind's Eye, and many others. Although they carry it here in Canada, they don't carry the whole line, but in the states most stores carry the whole line giving me more options to choose from.

The one local scarpbook store I went to in Great Falls was like walking back in time about 5 years. The store was filled with Stickers and cardstock with not much in the way of Embellishments, Tattered Angels, Stickles, Flocking, and other current trends. I found it amazing that a store could survive without the current trends. One thing is for sure, if I lived in Great Falls, this local scrapbook store would not be a regular on my list of visits. Michael's on the other hand, carried most of the same stuff we do but at a fraction of the price, with the exception of the scrap pads. It still amazes me how much cheaper things are in Michael's USA than in Michael's Canada. It makes me feel like I've been ripped off for the last several years.

I often get asked if shopping in the states is worth the hassle. My answer always is, you have to look at it as a mini vacation. You get to go away for the weekend and if you are lucky the money you save on purchases cover the costs of the trip.

Happy Shopping!

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Jamey & Catherine said...

Hey jen, Glad to hear you had a good time in the US. Oksana is very excited about everyone comming at don't forget your camera because its a first for all of us. Santa is making his first appearance to our house in many years! Boy o boy is she going to be spoiled! I like the pages you have done of the Calgary Zoo too, I want to copy them because they are better than anything i've done!