Apr 19, 2012

Val and Shane's Wedding

A while ago, my neighbour approached me about making a wedding album for him to give his wife for their 5th wedding anniversary. They both have been over and seen someof my album and they both "love my mad scrapbooking skills" (hahaha) and he thought she would love their wedding album done. So how could I say no after so many compliments! Once again, I used supplies I already had in my stash so it was a great stash buster and the bonus is the money he has given me to cover my costs gets to go towards new stuff!!! Sneaky I know but would non-scrapbookers really be able to tell the difference between product release this year and a couple of years ago? I didn't think so either! So here's a couple of pages I completed for their album.

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Jojorenee said...

Wow! These are some AWESOME pages!