Feb 5, 2012

Winter Wreath

There's this little website called Pintrest ... you may of heard of it! I am super addicted to it! There are so many neat ideas and for someone crafty like me, it's an inspiration overload site! If you haven't checked it out ... do it! And if you need an invite leave your email in the comments and I will send you one.

So one day while checking out the ideas on Pintrest I found this wonderful winter wreath that I loved and decided to do for myself. It only took me a couple of hours to do and it looks awesome hanging on my front door!

Here's the link to the original wreath that I used for my inspiration if you wish to see how it's made, Snow Ball Wreath.  Now, like most things, I used theirs as inspiration for mine and added in different little things to suit my tastes and I made mine a little bulkier because I wanted that look, but other than that it pretty much the same.  Here's a close up shot so you can see all the little details I added.

And here's a little tip for you if you decide to make this wreath. Your first stop should be at a dollar store. It's amazing what you will find there. Plus it is way cheaper! For example, I looked at the Styrofoam balls at my local Michaels and for 4 balls it was $4.99 but the Dollar Store had them for 6 balls for $2.00! Sure makes this wreath way more affordable to do!

In case you are wondering, it took me 4 packages of 6-2" Styrofoam balls, 3 different designs of silver ornaments - 4 of each, 3 large silver snow flakes, 4 Skeins of Yarn in different colours, 2 packages of raffia, 1 10" foam wreath, burlap to wrap the wreath, various little items to fill small spaces (ie: small wintery ornaments, pine cones, twigs of pearls, etc) and a boat load of hot glue gun sticks - I ran out twice!


Beth Hallgren said...

Gorgeous! What a cool wreath :)

Kitchen Utensil said...

I love it Jen!!! I am so inviting you to our next Pinterest Day!!!

Steffanie said...

This is soooo pretty! I love the mix of black and white with neutrals! Thanks for sharing!