Apr 29, 2011

Oh Brother

I love my brother! He has always been the jokester but come on it was such a nice moment to photograph and was a wet willy that appropriate?! I guess I can now say I have photographic proof that he always starts it ... not me!

So today is one of those where were you when moments. Prince Charles and Diana got married when I was too young to remember. I remember where I was the day when Princess Diana tragically died and today is the day the Prince William marries his long time love, Kate. I am not big into the hoopla, although I did get up early (4am to be exact) to watch it,  but I'm thinking I might try to download a photo of them and do a page about it. What about you?

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DanaMK said...

Oooh, so cute! Love those colours!

I remember watching when Diana walked into the church with her big gown. I was pretty little then but I remember how big of a deal it was. And I remember when she died but honestly, I don't know where I was. I watched the highlights from the Royal Wedding later on in the day. Good enough for me. But I'm not a big royals fan so I'm sure that's why.