Mar 17, 2011

Summer Memories Mini Book

I was visiting my grandfather last week and we spent a large amount of time talking about the summers we used to spend together at the cottage.  During summer holidays, my brother and I would stay with our grandparents at the cottage and till this day it is still some of my fondest memories.  My grandfather told me that this time was also his favorite time and I thought that as a thank you for all the years of happy memories that I would make him a mini book with a couple of pictures from that time.  I warn you there are a lot of pictures so please bare with me and if you do you will see there is a tutorial at the end on how I made the flower on the front cover.

And as a thank you for reading all the way through, I have a quick tutorial on how I made the yellow flower on the cover.

Step 1:  Cut a strip of patterned paper 1.5 inches by 12 inches and place it on your scoring board.

Step 2:  Using your bone folder, crease the strip every quarter inch the entire length.

Step 3:  Now fan fold the now creased strip of paper.

Step 4:  Now take the two ends of the paper strip and glue them together so that you have a continuous circle.  Stand it on one end and then applying pressure, pull the top down and out while pushing the bottom in until it lays flat.

Step 5:  Now place a small piece of scrap paper under the pressed flower and squeeze some glossy accents in the middle of the flower.

Step 6:  This is the hardest part.  Because the glue takes a little while to dry you have to let it sit and dry.  Now the flower will want to lift up so while it dries, so place something a little heavy on top until it is dry.

Step 7:  Now that it is dry, you can decorate the center how ever you please.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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