Mar 3, 2011

Playing In The Mud

I think one of my favorite things I did in Cuba was take a Jeep tour. It was so much fun and we got to see much of the Matanzas countryside and how the locals live. I would recommend it to anyone who goes to Cuba to take this tour!

I really wanted to create mud puddles on may page as most of the photos were of us driving through the mud so I used Tim Holtz' crackle paint and created a bunch of really think blobs so that I would get maximum crackage!  Looks like real mud, I think.

I also created this really cool rugged flower, which was almost easy to make.  I say almost because I used the wrong type of adhesive and struggled a lot with getting it to stay together.  I am going to attempt another one tonight with a different type of adhesive so check back tomorrow and I might have a tutorial on how to make it!


Kimberly said...

<3 <3 <3 the mud!!! It is awesome!!!

Jamey & Catherine said...

I think the mud looks real too! I can't wait to see the whole book in person when I come visit!! Awesome ideas!

DanaMK said...

Such cool ideas! Love the "mud" and the flower is so pretty!