Mar 31, 2011

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

I wanted to use this title on this layout but the only way I could get it on the layout would be to put it over the photo.  I wasn't keen on the idea because I didn't want to cover any of the large photo.  I'm from the school of thinking that every detail in the photo is important. But I went with it and I think it ended up turning out pretty good.  Goes to show that you can still cover part of a photo but still get the desired effect you wanted, even without every little detail.


Amanda Johnson said...

Very nice!! I don't think the title takes away from the photo at all! Beautiful...the view and the LO!! =)

DanaMK said...

I think it works really well! I'm like you though, I don't like covering up good photos with anything. :)

Beth Hallgren said...

I think it works perfectly! Very striking, love it :)