Mar 23, 2011

At the "Cho"

Have you ever had an idea in mind when you started a layout thinking it would turn out awesome? Well that was the case with this layout but it ended up being an epic fail! I'm not sure why I feel that way but when I look at this layout there is just something wrong.  I'm thinking it might be the patterned paper or the glittery title.  In the spirit of being a rounded blogger, I thought I would post this, even though I really don't like it, so that everyone can see that we all have layouts that don't turn out. I would love nothing more than to rip this one apart and start again but really who has the time for that. So here it is, done, even though I am not loving it.

1 comment:

DanaMK said...

I think it's great! The glitter and gems are perfect for it because it's a Latin show after all! :) And you added the tropic flair with the palm fringe and the flower.

But I so know how you feel. I actually was talking about that a month ago, where I have this vision in my head for a layout and then it doesn't turn out at all like I wanted and I'm disappointed. But, as you said, you can't like them all and there are plenty more pics to scrap!