Feb 16, 2011

Folded Circle Flower

As promised I am back today to show you how I made the flower on yesterday's layout.  I'm not sure if this type of flower has a name or not but I am calling it the Folded Circled Flower.  Original, I know!  So let's get started.  You will need 1 piece of double-sided patterned paper, a circle punch, some adhesive and a button.

Using the circle punch, punch 10 circles out of the patterned paper.

Take and set aside 2 of the circles for later.  The rest of the circles you will fold.  You start with your first fold.  Start with the side you wish to be the inner part of the flower facing down.  Take one side of the circle and fold it to about two thirds of the way across the circle.

No w take the other side of the circle and fold it back over the first fold.  You want to keep the inside point as small as possible so you can easily assemble your flower with out too many gaps along the outer side.

Now take one of the unfolded circles you set aside and cover it completely in adhesive.  Do not use liquid adhesive for this as it will cause rippling.

Now you are ready to start assembling your flowers.  Take a folded circle and place it on the adhesived circle.  You won't go all the way to the very center with the "petal" ... only about three quarters of the way in.  I recommend that you just lightly set the folded circle on the adhesive and not push it down until you have all the "petals" in place.  This is just in case you have you do some slight maneuvering at the end.

Continue adding more folded circles. 

And more folded circles until you get the last one down.  You will end up with a gap, don't worry, it's intentional.  Make sure all the "petals" are aligned the way you like and when you are happy go ahead and press them down firmly into the adhesive.

Now because every flower is different and unique it is best to fold the last "petal" in place.  I have tried this using all prefolded circles but I end up with some gaps that were difficult to get rid of.  I came up with the idea to do the last fold in place which solved my gap problem.  Take your last circle and make the first fold like you did with all the other circles.  Now place this circle in the empty spot and make your last fold using the already stuck down folded circle as your guide.

Now that all the "petals" are on you need to cover up the center.  I use buttons but really you can use anything.  Now because I didn't glue any of my folds on each circle down (I wanted to keep the dimension), I need you use quite a bit of liquid adhesive to hold my button.  I place the button on the adhesive and then place something heavy on top to hold it down while it dries.

And tada!  It's done!  Isn't it so pretty and easy!

Now in this example I kept my folds all going the same way.  You'll get a slightly different look if you alternate you fold directions.  Also, as I said earlier, I did not glue down any of my folds because I wanted some dimension.  If you are looking for a little more of a flat look you can definitely glue down the folds.  You can also do what I did on the layout shown yesterday and add a Dollie behind it to dress it up a bit. There are so many possibilities for different looks with this flower. Well, I sure hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and that it was worth wait!  Have fun making these little cuties, I sure did!


Jamey & Catherine said...

Cool flower! I'm going to make one for Oksanas album! I am always so jealous of your talent when I read your newest posts... It's not fair! J/k actually I love it because I learn all sorts of neat things! Love the banner over your fireplace too btw!

DanaMK said...

Jennifer, I love this flower! I like things that add dimension without a lot of bulk and this is perfect! I'm going to be coming back to this post when I want to do a flower myself. Great job!