Jan 23, 2011

Our Room

I love to include any memorabilia I collect on our trips to my layouts.  This layout contains a piece of memorabilia that has a fun story behind it.  The little red change purse was given to me on my last day in Cuba from our cleaning lady.  It was a really cute gesture and I filed it away to use on my layout.  When I went to put it on my layout it was a little bulky so I opened it up thinking there might be some stuffing in it.  What I didn't expect to find was a crumpled up note.  I could tell it was just a portion of a note but because it was written in Spanish, I had no idea what it said and that had my curiosity peaked.  I took the note to work as one of my co-workers speaks Spanish so that she could ease my curiosity.   Now I am not going to say what was written as it was not PG but basically it was about a cheating girlfriend.  Now that's a piece of memorabilia with a memory attached to it.

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Jamey & Catherine said...

Ha Ha thats funny! Gotta love when people try to get you to act all "hit man" on them. :) I wonder what she thought you would do about the note if you found it?