Dec 22, 2010

Paper Christmas Tree

This year I decided I wanted to create my own Christmas Village made entirely of scrapbook paper for the table that I display all the Christmas cards we receive on.  While my shopping spree on Black Friday I bought three Styrofoam trees in varying sizes.  I then chose the paper I wished to use which was Basic Grey's Jovial Collection; I just loved all the colors!  Then using my Cricut Design Studio, I created an entire sheet (12x12) of one inch hearts.  I then ran this through my Cricut for every pattern I choose, which I think was about eleven.  After I had all of my hearts cut out and stacked by pattern in the order I wanted to apply them, I got to work on layering one by one.  I would take a heart, curl the wide end around the end of my paper piercer so that it would flip up, apply a little bit of Fabric Tac to the point of the heart and then place and hold onto the Styrofoam.  Continue all the way around and then start on the next row.  I did about three to five rows and then set it aside to let it dry.  I found this necessary as I would keep bumping lower rows that were wet and knocking the hearts out of place if I didn't.  I tried the glue gun but found it way to bulky and I liked the play the Fabric Tac gave me so that I could make minor adjustments if my row was a little crooked.   I worked all my way to the top and then covered the top by placing three heart points together on the top with glue, allowed it to dry, and then folded the overhanging part down and curled it with my paper piercer.  I am now on the look out to find some stars that will work perfectly for tops. 

I was hoping to at least get one house finished as well, but the tree took a lot more time than I anticipated so it doesn't look like the houses will be ready this year.  If anyone would like the cut file for the hearts let me know and I will email it to you.

This will be it for me until the new year as I am off to Jamaica for a week!  I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2011!

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