Nov 12, 2010

Wind Swept Moment

When I saw this picture of my parents I thought it had to be one of the best pictures I have ever seen of the two of them. It was taken in Cuba this past February on the beach in Varadero. It was a really windy day which gave us some awesome pictures of the ocean. I love how my Dad is going in for the kiss and my Mom is trying to hold her hair. Beautiful!

I used another sketch by Allison Davis and it called for 3 photos. Now I didn't really have three photos that I liked together because I wanted the focus to be on my parents so I decided to use another photo of just the ocean instead and cut it in half and placed it on each side of the picture of my parents. I also love the softness of the colours used in this layout, it gives it a real romantic feeling. I kept the embellishing simple so that the photos would be the main focus, all I added were a couple of clouds and that was it.

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