May 29, 2009

Angus the Water Dog?

If you know my dog, you know that he hates the water. While other dogs play and jump in the water, Angus stands on the edge of banks with his paws right at the edge and barks until the other dogs come back in to play with him. It's been this way for years. Well, after 7 years of existence, Angus has decided that maybe it isn't so bad. What?! I know it's hard to believe but on the May long weekend we were camping in Kananaskis with Family and we took Angus and my brother's dog Timber down to the river to play. Timber loves the water and was in it in a heart beat. Angus did his usual and stood on the bank barking. After a couple of minutes of Timber still playing in the water and not coming back in, Angus decided to take a step into the water, only covering the tops of his paws though. He continued his barking but Timber ignored him and continued playing. Next thing I knew Angus was up to his belly! I was so surprised and excited that I almost forgot to take a picture. Can you believe it. I was so proud of him and I think he had a great time. We'll have to wait to see if he will do it again or if he will revert back to his old habits but one things for sure, I'll have a lot of fun scrapbooking this one.


Jamey & Catherine said...

Way to go Gus! now when Bear and Buddy go swimming you will be wet too! That is so funny Jen, Maybe next time he'll get all the way in and swim. (Just kidding...probably not!) It will be fun watching him chase the kong into the water a bit now though and splashing around!
Catherine and Jamey

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

He might go in, it depends on how long Bear and Buddy stay out in the water for. If they just run in grab the Kong and come right back in he'll probably just sit on shore but if they take awhile, who knows. I doubt he'll ever go past his belly. It's instinctual for Schnauzers because they are so heavy in the front that it's hard for them to swim without sinking :) Poor guy.